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Bod Incubator


This is special type of incubator designed to meet the requirements for incubation of biochemical Oxygen demand (BOD) on water and sewage. Also recommended for preservation of vaccines at low temperature and supply of endymatic digestion Processes and other tests demanding constant and uniform low temperature. The unit is highly suitable for work at Temperature below as well as above the ambient. Our BOD incubator is being also used as Environmental Study and Growth Chambers by incorporating Lighting & cooling and heating systems. Inside walls are of Stainless Steel. Out Side of mild steel. Finished in attractive white enamel. Mounted on castor wheels. Glass wool insulation prevents heat losses. Full view inner Glass Door allows inspection of samples without disturbing temperature of chamber.

Special features of Automatic BOD Incubators:

  • Temperature range 5-50oC uniform cooling with cooling embedded in the walls.
  • Temperature uniformity up to +1oC. Operating at 20oC + 1oC.
  • Forced air circulation ensure uniformity of the temperature.
  • Digital Temperature Cum Controller graduated in 1oC.
  • Three perforated removable Aluminium or stainless steel shelves.
  • Suitable to work on Volts, AC 50 Cycles, use of transformer to regulate Line advised.
  • Size Inside Chamber Trays
  • D x W x H
  • 4 Cubic Ft.(16 x 18 x 24 inch) 2