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This unique and specially designed Sledge Microtome is used for cutting large blocks of paraffin and resin embedded material for light microscopy. In the Sledge Microtome the knife holding clamps allow the knife to be offset to the direction of cut, a major advantage when sectioning large, hard blocks. The main blocks is fixed with four linear bearing which moves on two stainless steel rods which ensures softer and smoother working. It is maintenance free with no oiling required. The heavy body gives stability and not usual subject to vibration, can also be used to cut materials from various industrial applications like wood, plastics, textiles and fibers etc. The feed range is of 0-40 microns.

»The knife supplied with Sledge Microtome is forged from fine grain tool

»steel tested for micro structure and it is also heat treated for optimum

»rigidity and sharpness.
»Dust Cover
»Horse leather strap.