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It is a boom for research laboratories and hospitals for cutting thin to semi thin sections of fresh frozen tissues. Freezing Microtome is equipped with a stage upon which tissue can be quickly frozen using either liquid carbon dioxide from a cylinder as a low temperature re-circulating coolant. The special feature of cooling system enables the Freezing Microtome to cool the knife same time. The fine section goes to 30 microns in step of 2 microns. Freezing Microtome is also used for cutting semi thin sections from industrial products such as some textiles, paper, leather, soft plastics, rubber, powders, pastes and food products. The enamel coat on the body gives a rust free life. Low Maintenance cost.

»Freezing attachment with polyfiber pipe.
»Optical honing glass plate.
»120 mm tool steel knife with handle in case.
»Horse leather Strap.
»Special refined lubricant oil with dispensor.
»It comes in wooden box for storage and handling purpose.