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Streamlined body finished in various pastle colours. Projection head folding type, focusing by Rack-n-Pinion. Illumination 650W-220V AC or 24V-250W halogen bulbs on step-down transformer with solid state control Light intensity and cooling system to projector overheating self lubricating type motor, the stage temperature is maintained at 45° C approx. Interlocked with switch for lamp protection against voltage surges. Writing surface 250x250mm or 285x285mm.
Complete with on-off switch, mains indicators, light intensity control switch cord plug & fuse etc Accessories provided are transparent cellophane roll writing pen pack cleaning cloth venyle cover. Packed in a card-board box with thermocole packing. 

A) Single bulb low voltage 24V-250W Halogen through step-down transformer.
B) Double bulb low voltage system with two Halogen bulbs 24V -250W through step-down transformer. The dual bulb system facilitates switching over to second provided bulb instantly in case of damage of the running one with out disturbing continuity of discussion. Writing surface 250 x 250 mm