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Details same as above BTI178 but with laminar flows down vertically from top to wards the work table. Supplied complete with static finish Mica table top. Transparent front door (5m.m), Static pressure Manometer, Built in U.V. Germicidal light & fluorescent light and Cock for gas, air or vacuum line.


    Size of Working     size of             No. of HEPA              Illumination
    chamber                HEPA filter       filter

A)    2’x2’x2’              2’x2’x6”                   1                             1x20Watt
B)    3’x2’x2’              3’x2’x6”                   1                             1x20Watt
C)    4’x2’x2’              4’x2’x6”                   1                             2x20Watt
D)    6’x2’x2’              3’x2’x6”                   2                             2x40Watt
E)    8’x2’x2’              4’x2’x6”                   2                             4x20Watt

A) Whole cabinet made of commercial board & laminated with sunmica.
B) Whole cabinet made out of stainless steel sheet duly smooth polished enhances the life of cabinet.