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A versatile, electrically heated sterilizer under saturated steam of adjustable pressure of 10 to 20 psi. Double walled construction with boiler & steam jackets made of thick stainless steel. The outer chamber is made out of thick mild steel/Stainless Steel. The lid is made out of thick stainless steel plate (joint less) or gunmetal and can be sealed by a joint less neoprene rubber gasket by wing nuts through hinged bolts by engaging slotted lugs on rim of the cover. Provided with dial pressure gauge, air/steam release cock, spring loaded safety valve adjustable to any required point from 10 psi to 20 psi with accuracy ± 3 psi. All autoclaves are fitted with standard accessories, such as, a drain cock, pressure gauge, steam release cock, spring loaded safety valve and heating element, but supplied without dressing bins.

Chamber size in mm & load:
     DiaxDepth             Load      Capacity (Aprrox.)
A    250x450 mm          2 KW        22 ltrs.
B    300x500 mm          3 KW        40 ltrs.
C    350x550 mm          4 KW        50 ltrs.
D    400x600 mm          5 KW        78 ltrs.
E    450x600 mm          5 KW        98 ltrs.
F    550x750 mm          6 KW        152 ltrs.
1    Automatic low-water level cut off-device.
2    Pressure control switch.
3    Water level arrangement.